Nanotech Oxygen Solution

NanOxyde, or Nanotech Oxygen Solution, represents a breakthrough in cellular oxygen delivery, made possible by nanotechnology, the science of manipulating materials on a molecular scale first developed in 1957. The body regularly transports oxygen via hemoglobin, a red protein found in the blood. However, as vessels constrict, as commonly occurs over time, the flow of oxygen decreases, leaving tissue prone to oxygen deficiency. By creating a covalent bond between oxygen and silver, joining the elements at the molecular level, NanOxyde increases the permeability of cellular walls, facilitating oxygen intake, and replenishing oxygen deficient tissue. NanOxyde’s effectiveness lies in the synergistic effect of covalently bonding oxygen and nanoparticles of silver to optimize circulation. Increased circulation, in turn, allows the body to better combat pathogens, bacteria, virus, or other disease causing microorganism.

Recommended Usage: Nanoxyde is a superior oxidant; therefore do not take it with antioxidants. Individual reactions may vary, e.g., some people require four to hours after taking Nanoxyde before taking antioxidants, while others require additional time. Therefore, it is recommended to take Nanoxyde at night with water, and take antioxidants in the morning, or vice versa depending on one’s preference. 

Maintenance Dosage: Take 2oz for regular maintenance

Advanced Dosage: 4oz – 8oz for severe conditions

General Usage: Pour Nanoxyde into a sterile spray bottle, and spray liberally into the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

Dental Usage: Pour a capful of Nanoxyde into the mouth, following brushing. Do not swallow the Nanoxyde, instead release if from your mouth after 1 to 2 minutes.

Before consuming NanOxyde reference Vital Life Services's General Disclaimer, located under the About section on the Home page of this website.