Glenn Streeter

Exercise Physiologist
& Energy Medicine Practitioner

Advancing the holistic health field for over 30 years

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Introduction: With a degree in Exercise Physiology emphasizing Sports Medicine, Glenn has been practicing Sports Physiology and Energy Medicine for over thirty years. His clients include world champion and national caliber athletes from a variety of disciplines, as well as celebrities. An avid off-road motorcycle and mountain bike racer, Glenn knows the value of Energy Medicine and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. In his holistic healing practice, Glenn employs a variety of PEMF devices, and contributes his knowledge to the alternative medicine community via syndicated radio programs, prominent news outlets, and online subscription services, including Gaia Conscious Media, Making Life Brighter, Starseed Hotline, and In addition to founding Energy MedFit and co-founding Vital Life Services, Glenn also serves on the Executive Board of Pulsed Harmonix, a Colorado based PEMF device company offering state of the art technology at an affordable price.


Biography: A New England native, Glenn Streeter has lived and worked in Boulder, Colorado for decades. An avid outdoors person and athlete, he has taken the adventurous pursuits of his youth to new heights in the Rocky Mountain Region, carving a career as an Energy Medicine Practitioner, which began with an early interest in Eastern medicine and athletics. Growing up in New England, Glenn climbed all fifty-four of the Northeastern state’s 4,000ft peaks as well as the New England 100 in summer and winter. An All-American Baseball Catcher, Glenn hit 413 in 1986, and tried out for the Pittsburgh Pirates the same year. In 1991, Glenn served on Ultramarathoner Dr. David Horton’s support team, carrying a 90lb backpack as one of the world’s foremost runners broke the Appalachian Trail world speed record, a historic event featured in Sports Illustrated, Runner’s World, and the New York Times.


In 1993, Glenn extended his athletic range, participating in Pedal for Power, a bicycle trip across China that included sections of the Great Wall. A combined medical and diplomatic program, Pedal for Power afforded Glenn tremendous exposure to Eastern medicine, a passion he had nurtured for years. In fact, Glenn was selected not only for his cycling and mechanical skills but also for his interest and experience in Eastern medicine. Reflecting on the journey of a lifetime, Glenn describes his Chinese companions as “wonderful, gregarious people.” In his youth, Glenn served as an Alpine Ski Guide in New England, a daring career he expanded by moving to Colorado. To this day, he continues to ski up to a hundred days per year. Glenn also leads tours as a mountain bike guide and races motocross, a passion he began fueling at age ten. At forty-seven, Glenn took second place in his class of the Colorado Off Road Championship Series (CORCS), and in October 2017 he won the 50+ Expert category at CORCS. 

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At forty-seven, Glenn took second place in his class of the Colorado Off Road Championship Series (CORCS), an admirable feat for an athlete of any age. Yet, for all his athletic gifts, Glenn’s abilities extend beyond physical pursuits for he is also an award-winning photographer, with action shots from his adventures along the Appalachian Trail and throughout China featured in Sports Illustrated, Runner’s World, and the New York Times. Over the decades, Glenn has developed full and rich career as an Energy Medicine Practitioner, and in recent years has been “blessed” with television and radio appearances on Boulder’s GAIA ( and Rense (, allowing him to reach a broad and diverse audience. When asked about his success in holistic healing, Glenn reflects on his insatiable desire to research and learn; he has a curious mind, and belongs to a vast network of holistic healers that he affectionately calls his “brain trust.”

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Glenn enjoys difficult cases, particularly those for which Western medicine has no answer, and has realized numerous breakthroughs in palliative care. Given Boulder’s status among seekers as the epicenter of alternative medicine, it makes sense that a tenth generation New Englander would head west and call the Front Range home. To learn more about Glenn and his contributions to the growing fields of Energy Medicine and Telemedicine, as well as his synergistic experience in biohacking technology, please click on the following links.